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      What is .925 sterling silver and why does NYC Bling use it to make jewelry?

      We at NYC Bling take jewelry design and craftsmanship very seriously. When we make our jewelry, we only use .925 silver. Why do we do it? There’s a few reasons, but it’s mostly all about quality.

      Our goal at NYC Bling is to elevate your game. We believe that starts at the level of craftsmanship, before the product even gets in your hands. While other jewelry stores may skimp out on quality in order to maximize profit margins, NYC Bling sticks with a material that is known to produce high-quality jewelry pieces, .925 silver. You won’t find any pieces in our store constructed with a different base material, such as brass or stainless steel. We simply refuse to use them! When you see us say .925 silver, NEVER BRASS, over and over, you better know that we mean it.

      .925 pure sterling silver bullion bars. NYC Bling uses .925 sterling silver as the base metal in all of our jewelry

      What exactly is .925 silver? Sometimes referred to as vermeil or sterling silver, .925 silver is an alloy made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This process of making an alloy gives the silver, which is a precious metal, some added durability, making it perfect for use in jewelry accessories designed for daily wear. Pure silver, like gold, is very soft and malleable, which does not make it ideal for use in crafting jewelry. The small amount of added copper strengthens the .925 silver and protects it from the elements.

      By using .925 silver, we want you to see your piece of NYC Bling jewelry as an investment. That’s why we refuse to use cheaper materials. When you do business with us, you’ll receive a beautifully piece designed from precious metals in return. If you take care of it, it will hold its value for years to come, while also making you shine.

      925 silver stamp on an NYC Bling white gold cuban bracelet. All pieces from NYC Bling are made from 925 silver, never brass

      NYC Bling gold finishes

      Our finishing process creates the real gold look every jewelry enthusiast wants. We use genuine yellow, rose, and white gold in our finishing process. Each piece is first crafted from the base metal, .925 silver. Then the piece is dipped 5 times in real gold, which is called a finish. This finishing process, in addition to our use of .925 silver, ensures that each piece is made purely from precious metals, even if the finish wears off after years of excessive daily wear and tear. If worn with care, avoiding exposure to damaging elements, the gold finish should last throughout the lifetime of the piece.

      Caring for your .925 silver jewelry from NYC Bling

      Silver oxidizes when exposed to air. This is called “tarnish” and often looks like a thin black layer of rust. Over time, excessive tarnish can damage silver, affecting its appearance and shape. The natural oils on your skin will protect silver from tarnish, so wearing your jewelry will actually help keep it untarnished for longer. All .925 silver jewelry from NYC Bling is designed to be worn often for this reason. When not wearing your jewelry, try to store it in a dust bag or jewelry storage container to prevent tarnishing. Additionally, avoid exposing your .925 silver jewelry to water while wearing. Exposure to water will damage silver.